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100% Soy Candle

100% Soy Candle

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100% Soy Cotton Wicked Candle

Handmade Candles with AMAZING scents, long lasting that fills your room. Enjoy the aromatic experience of these 100% soy hand poured candles with the soothing ambiance the crackling wooden wick gives.

Every candle is made out of 100% American Made Soy Wax. With the phthalate free scents used, you will be able to use these candles without the worry of all the pollutants that other commercialized candles carry. You will only be filling your home with a beautiful scent, not pollution. Since extensive wick testing has been done on the products to find the exact wick for these canisters, it will burn evenly and cleanly so you get the most for your money. You can easily wash and dry you jar after use to be able to recycle it for additional uses..

There is local drop off and pick up offered to those who are near by or want to make the drive to beautiful Timberlake, NC. For those wanting to choose local pick up, use the option for local pick up, and it will remove shipping. Please only use this code if you have contacted me first to confirm pick up is an option. Thank you!!

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